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Monetize Your Mess
How to clean up your financial mess, permanently, and create more money doing meaningful work you love.
You’re a smart woman. You are passionate and have big dreams for your life. You’re serious about making money doing meaningful work you love, but you’ve got a BIG problem. You aren't making enough money. 

 You have been avoiding dealing with your money and because of that, your finances are a HOT MESS.   

You want to create more money doing work you are passionate about, but you are stuck.  You are not even sure exactly how this happened.  

You need more money, but you don't even want to face it.  

Your heart starts racing and your hands get shaky when you sit down to pay bills, so you wait until the very last minute to deal with them or you just avoid it all together. 
When you think about your finances or your bank account, you break out into a cold sweat and you feel sick to your stomach. Instead of doing what you KNOW you need to do, you push it off and tell yourself “I’ll deal with that next month”. But, you never do because it seems like a hopeless mess and you have no idea how to make it better.
Sister, here is the truth...

You need to solve this problem RIGHT NOW. Avoiding your financial situation is only making it worse. If you wait any longer to clean up your mess, you will absolutely lose tons of money and you will not create the income and impact you were born to have! 

It is an unrealistic expectation to think you can create more money when you cannot manage what you have now.  

When you are faithful with the small, you will be given more.  
It is time to change how you handle money, so you can finally experience financial freedom.  
While you may be responsible for the financial mess you have created, you absolutely can turn it around no matter how hopeless it seems.  
There IS a better way.  Managing your finances doesn’t have to give you anxiety.

 In fact, it is possible to experience peace and freedom when it comes to your money, so you can create more of it without feeling overworked, overwhelmed and undervalued. 

There is a way to create more money doing work you love, but first you must deal with your financial situation, clean it up and put a smart money system in place.  
Monetize Your Mess will help you. . .  
  • Open up to real growth opportunities, so you can create more money
  •  Pay your bills on time, so you know are managing your money well
  •  See all the hard work and sacrifice finally pay your debt off
  •  Have a healthy relationship with money, so you can create more of it
  •  Save thousands of dollars in taxes, so you can invest more in yourself
  •  Stop feeling stressed every year around April 15th and start feeling peace
  •  Spend less time on your books, so you have more time for your making money
  •  Experience freedom around your finances, so you have the time and energy to focus on your passion 
  •  Create more money doing what you love, so you can actually achieve your financial dreams
You need to know exactly how much money you’re making, how much you owe in taxes and how to manage your finances in a smart + intuitive way,  to achieve your financial dreams, so you can have more money, more choices and more time with your family!
Monetize Your Mess is the answer. 
This one-of-a-kind 6 month digital course will help you deal with any financial mess like a woman, without giving you a headache. This proven system will teach you how to complete a smart + intuitive financial restoration plan, save you thousands of dollars and how to create more money doing what you love, so you are free to write your own success story.
You will...
  • Learn how to identify and stop money leaks, so you can find hidden profits in your current financial situation.
  • Set up a complete financial and tax system, so you’ll finally be feel peace around April 15th
  • Create a smart financial restoration plan, so you’ll spend less time managing your money and more time changing your corner of the world
  •  Finally start to achieve your financial goals  like buy that dream home, travel the world and pay off your debt.  
  • Know exactly how to handle creditors and the IRS so you can use the money you save to invest in yourself, not the government.
  • Understand creative ways to increase your income RIGHT NOW and establish an instant savings fund for peace of mind.
  •  Reduce the stress you feel around money, so you can make room for more.
  •  Learn how to turn your passion into a profit as an entrepreneur or open up to new growth opportunities in your existing business, so you create more money doing meaningful work you love.
When you follow the principles taught in Monetize Your Mess, all your financial burdens will be lifted, so you can step into your financial destiny and into FREEDOM.  
This course will not only teach you how to clean up and monetize your financial mess, it will help you design a life you love so much, you don’t need a vacation from it because it feels like one everyday!
Monetize Your Mess offers two unique paths...
  •  Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  •  Existing Entrepreneurs

Kiss your hot money mess + financial struggles + overwhelm goodbye for less than a night out on the town!

Monetize Your Mess is an easy to follow 12 step, digital do-it-yourself course that shows you exactly how to clean up your financial mess and make more money doing what you love in a few short months.   

Plus, you get the sisterhood and full support you need to keep going on the days you feel like quitting.  And there will be those days.
You are ready to step out of your hot mess and into financial success.  That's why Monetize Your Mess is the system for you.

To change your situation, it is going to require that you do what you have been unwilling to do, so you can finally step into your financial destiny.  

There are no short cuts to success.  
 If you could have done it on your own by now, you would have. That’s why you need Monetize Your Mess. 
What is Monetize Your Mess like?
  • Virtual DIY course with smart delivery, so you are not overwhelmed. 
  •  Video training's, so you are mentored directly from the Queen of Money, Snowe. 
  •  Outlines for notes, so you don’t miss a thing and you can continue learning. 
  •  Step by step process, so you can easily implement everything you learn. 
  •  Private Facebook Group, so you have community and sisterhood on this journey. 
  •  A community manager to answer all your questions, help facilitate weekly accountability and keep you on target with goals, so you are fully supported everyday.  
  •  Monthly Facebook Live with the Money Oracle, Snowe, so you always have mentoring.
  •  Weekly Q & A office hours in our private community, so all of your questions are answered right when you have them.
  •   Thought provoking assignments with next steps of action, so you learn exactly what you need to clean up and monetize your financial mess
  •  Lifetime access to coursework and the ability to stay in the MYM managed community after your 6 month course for a minimal monthly investment.  
You are ready to step out of your HOT MESS and into financial success.
STOP AVOIDING your mess and enroll right now!

Unlike most financial courses, Monetize Your Mess helps you get to the root of your money problems, teaches you how to create more money doing work you love and how to manage your finances in a heart centered and intuitive way.  

Do you need to know the best tax strategies and financial planning?
Absolutely. And Monetize Your Mess will teach you all of that.
But, the cause of your money problems matter. A lot.  And so does focusing on creating more money, not just budgeting and cutting back.  

Monetize Your Mess uniquely combines traditional financial strategies with an intuitive approach because science has proven women relate to money (among other things) in a different way than men.
With Monetize Your Mess, you’ll get right to the root of your money problems, so you stop the viscous cycle once and for all in a way that feels good as a woman.  

As a woman, you must "love" what you are doing to fully embrace it and that includes money.  When you have mastered these skills, you will find yourself with the ability to create more money than you ever dreamed
When you monetize your financial mess, you will...
  •  Learn to find hidden cash & stop money leaks.
  •  Stop feeling like you’re out of your league by the tax code.
  •  Realize your full money making potential and step into your financial destiny.
  •  Stop wasting time, money and peace of mind because of not having a clear system.
  •  Create more money without feeling overworked, overwhelmed and undervalued.
  •   Be mentored by a woman who has walked through this exact process successfully.
  •   Have the sisterhood of a heart centered community, so you are fully supported.
  •   Start creating the income and the impact you were born to have in this world!

 This is why you need Monetize Your Mess!
Learning how to set smart and intuitive financial goals like a woman, creating more money with ease, and breaking free from what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential is why you want to find the time and money to enroll in Monetize Your Mess


Monetize Your  Mess will only cost you about the same as a night out, your monthly unicorn lattes or a mani/pedi.  

Skipping a couple luxuries for the next few months is all that stands between you and your financial destiny.

You are smart enough to know that trading in a couple luxuries per month like cute hair, fresh lattes, and manicures is what you need to do, so you can achieve financial freedom.
Here’s what other women say about working with Snowe.  
Brooke Rash: Founder of The Social Celebrity & The Social Circle
“Snowe Saxman is a GODDESS! I thought we were going to owe out the wazoo. I was seriously expecting a 15-20k tax bill and not only do we NOT owe... we're getting money back. Looking forward to working with her to set things up for next year with less stress and more ease, so we know exactly what to do.”
Fran Apter
Enagic Global
“I just finished the first session and, Snowe, you hit the nail on the head!
I spent this week totally immobilized because I have been unable to work and the thought of a lack of money had paralyzed me. TODAY, I am grateful and fully accept the blessing GOD has given me because now I see things differently and know what I need to do to protect my future. ”  
Dee Pierre: Money Management Advisor
““Snowe, thank you so much for believing in me.  The mere fact that I have received this opportunity would not have happened without your support.  You are a godsend.  I applaud your courage and determination to put your gift out there for women.  "  
Chantel Aquart: G.O. = Get Organized, Personal Development for Well Being
“I have seen tangible results in that I now have the confidence in knowing I have something extravagantly special  toshare with the world. Snowe has helped me put my plan together to turn my passion into profit and for this I am forever grateful! "  
Face your finances head on. Enroll today in Monetize Your Mess, a proven, easy to follow total financial restoration system that will help give you the freedom to build your empire.
Say YES to a healthy financial future.  Know exactly how much money is coming in, how much is going out, and what to do with your money and when.
Get serious about cleaning up and monetizing your financial mess. Stop struggling to make enough money, hiding from creditors and the taxes. Stop avoiding your HOT MESS and take the first step to cleaning it up TODAY.
Enroll in Monetize Your Mess RIGHT NOW!
Why Me?

I’ve been helping hundreds of women and small businesses with money and tax planning for almost two decades. I have a B.S. in Accounting and I’ve studied for my MBA. I am also a Certified Tax Coach and Master Neuroscience (Fancy word for the brain) Coach.  And I’ve studied the complex tax code for you. That is why they call me the Queen of Money. I also went from bankrupt and food stamps to multiple six figures, so I know what it takes. 

I have mastered all aspects of money and now I can teach you exactly what to do with grace and ease, so you can move faster into your financial destiny.

All this training, along with my faith and passion for this work has afforded me the ability to teach you all the tools you need to create, manage and multiply your money. 

I’m passionate about this work because I know you can change the way you think about money and get out of your financial despair if you have the right tools. And you have to—before your finances become so suffocating that it feels hopeless and crushes you.
And you are not alone.

I know from my own journey of being a millionaire at age 25 and bankrupt + living on food stamps by age 35 to now earning multiple six figures, that the number one thing you can do to achieve your financial dreams is to change the way you think about money.

Deep down, are you afraid to earn more money? Are you afraid of taxes? Do you believe you deserve to be successful or do you think you’re meant to struggle?

Understanding what you really believe in your heart about money is the number one thing you can do to help you find more of it without fear and stress.

Do you need to know the best tax strategies and financial planning?

Absolutely. And I can and will teach you how to create, manage and multiply your money.

But, what you think about money matters. A lot.

And I can help you change the way you think about money.
That’s why I am, The Money Oracle!

I want to help you have the same journey to financial freedom that I have, so you can have it all.  More money, more choices and more time with your family.  
Enroll in Monetize Your Mess RIGHT NOW!
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